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Paquita la del Barrio sends a video message to Shakira

The collaboration between Shakira and the producer bizarre whose letter is addressed to Gerard Piqué It has caused many famous people around the world to identify with the song and especially with the subject it deals with. now the singer Paquita of the neighborhood He decided to send a long video message to the Colombian, expressing his solidarity.

“My dearest friend and companion Shakiraam Paquita of the neighborhood. That’s when I found out that you had a problem with your family. I am with you because I am a woman, and if anyone in life knows about these things, it is your friend. Well, what can I tell you, that you really want to, the important thing is that you have your children, you have someone to live for, you have a lifetime m’ija, so don’t worry,” said the Mexican interpreter in her post on instagramrecorded after his most recent concert.

the interpreter of “Two-legged rat” He added: “Look, I am in Mexico, if something is offered to you with great pleasure, you know, here we are at your service. I send you a hug. God bless you…So don’t beat me up, give it a go, as I told you, you have someone to live for, just like me, so what keeps us standing is the family, your children”. The already famous theme “Music sessions #53” has up to now more than 123 million views on YouTube; own Shakira celebrated with a post of instagram, which he accompanied with the message: “They tell me that it is the fastest song in Spanish to achieve that? I need someone to pinch me to see if it’s true.”

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