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Paquita la del Barrio retires in a wheelchair from a show in California

Paquita la del Barrio at the 2022 Radio Awards in Mexico.

Photo: Pedro Mera. /Getty Images

One of the most beloved Mexican artists on the music scene, Paquita of the neighborhoodcaused real concern among the fans who attended a show of the singer in ontarian, California. The interpreter of “Rata de Dos Patas” had to leave the show and leave the stage in wheelchairs.

Paquita La Del Barrio fans are truly in a panic. It is not the first time that the health of the singer worries or that rumors have been generated around it. According to information disseminated in the media and social networks of Mexicothe singer looked exhausted after the show and her team carefully removed her from the stage in a wheelchair in the middle of his tour “Paquita and Her Friends”.

the interpreter of “Two-legged rat” He has presented health problems on other occasions, but this time he was concerned that his discomfort was visible on his face. She always looks assertive and to the nines in her performances. This time she was no exception. She looked beautiful, but very tired, according to the press and witnesses present.

The representative of the Mexican, Paco Torreshas faced all this information and has given an interview, where revealed details about the reality of the state of health of the Mexican singer. He clarified why she left the stage in wheelchairs and if it is something particular that is happening to you at the moment.

There, Torres said that There are no reasons to worry about the health of your client, Paquita La del Barrio. He said that they are discomforts typical of his age and that they resort to elements such as the wheelchair to provide comfort and avoid more fatigue when getting off the stage in their presentations. He also assured that they are even using it as they pass through the many airports that they have to visit

Paquita of the neighborhood He has no plans to retire from the stage now. According to her own words, she will do it: “When God says up to here.” That’s why your team has decided to change some ways of working so that you have more comfortget less tired and can have a better performance, as their multiple commitments demand it.

Paco Torres He said that the lady who until now did not use a make-up artist or stylist, from now on will have those figures in her team, because her arms get tired. From her She will travel first class and, if necessary, she will sing in a chair set up for her on stage.

All these measures were taken to make her shows less stressful and more bearable moments for the artist. What the manager also commented on Paquita of the neighborhood is that, in 25 years that they have been working together, the lady has never left a show not even due to illness.

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