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Paper Christmas ornaments: how to make

Paper is a recyclable material that can be used in different ways in Christmas decoration🇧🇷 It is particularly useful in making Christmas ornamentsthat is, pieces that decorate the trees, the doors and even the furniture in the house.

Wreath with toilet paper rolls. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

O christmas crafts manages to reuse paper with creativity and good taste. Some ornaments are so perfect that they don’t even look like they were made from recycling techniques.

You Christmas decorations made from paper are sustainable and easy to make. Some ideas are even taken to the classroom, as the kindergarten teacher needs to carry out thematic work with her class. In addition to encouraging the Christmas spirit, paper Christmas crafts also help children develop an eco-friendly attitude.

Christmas ornaments with toilet paper roll. (Photo: Disclosure)

There are many ideas to reuse paper in Christmas decoration🇧🇷 The craft works are able to recycle magazine sheets, old newspaper, unused books, cardboard boxes and even toilet paper rolls.

In addition to creating exclusive and modern pieces, crafting with paper also allows you to save money when decorating your home for Christmas.

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An old book was used to make a mini Christmas tree. (Photo: Disclosure)

Paper wreath: step by step

The garland is an ornament often used to decorate the front door of the house, as it attracts peace, prosperity and health to the lives of residents. This traditional piece of Christmas decoration can be made with toilet paper rolls.

See below the paper wreath step by step🇧🇷

Separate the material. Paint and cover the rolls. (Photo: Disclosure)

1. Separate 15 rolls of toilet paper and a piece of cardboard with a rim, measuring 20 cm in diameter and 5 cm in width;

two. Use regular craft paint to paint the base of the wreath;

3. Paint some toilet paper rolls, using Christmas themed paints, i.e. green and red. It is also necessary to cover some rolls with Christmas wrapping paper;

Cut the painted hoops and roll them up like screws. (Photo: Disclosure)

4. With all the rolls prepared, it is necessary to cut the rings. Each one should be 2 cm. Then roll up the strips like screws;

5. Cut the 2 cm painted hoops in half, but preserve the wrapped paper-wrapped hoops whole;

6. To assemble the ornament, apply hot glue to each piece of roll. Then glue the pieces at the base of the wreath randomly to have a cool effect;

7. Use a styrofoam tray to make sparklers and decorate the wreath. Another detail that makes all the difference in the piece is the collage of a golden bow.

Glue the hoops to the base of the wreath and add details with Styrofoam stars. (Photo: Disclosure)

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