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PAN credit card: is it worth it?

The PAN Credit Card is a great option for anyone looking for a service of this type to help make purchases, pay in installments and enjoy advantages.

Maybe you’ve already looked for several credit card options on the internet, but you can’t find an option that fits your needs, or you’re not sure if you trust some credit operators, mainly because you’ll have to share a lot of personal information.

Today, you will learn more about the PAN Credit Card, a recognized and trusted bank, but is it worth it? Let’s check!

What this article covers:

How does the PAN Credit Card work?

The PAN Credit Card works in a similar way to most credit cards available on the market, but in this case, Banco PAN guarantees benefits and high quality services.

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It has a completely digital expense control, from its application, its own points program, cashback and it is not necessary to be a bank account holder to have a PAN credit card.

What is the PAN Credit Card?

The PAN credit card is a payment option with quality and security, very useful for you who make purchases, want to pay in installments and want ease when paying, having control of your expenses and monitoring them in time of your invoices.

At PAN bank, you have at least four credit card options, and surely one of them will suit your needs.

The first option is the PAN zero annuity card, and as its name says, it has no monthly cost with annuity and makes it very easy to organize your expenses with the application. To apply for this card, you must have an income of one minimum wage.

The second option is the International PAN card. With it, it is already possible to participate in the PAN Mais points program, make purchases in other countries, however, in this category the customer will have an annuity of 12 installments of R$ 20.00, this amount can receive a discount depending on the use of the credit.

In the third option, we have the PAN gold card, for which it is also necessary to bear the costs of a 12-month annual fee of R$29.16, which can be exempted in the case of using the credit. But, in this option, in addition to the PAN Mais points program, the customer also already has cashback on their invoices and the advantages of a Gold card. To apply, you must have an income greater than R$2,500.00.

Finally, we have the option PAN Platinum Card, which in addition to the many advantages of the Platinum card, receives cashback on the invoice and the expansion of the PAN Mais points program. To apply, you need more than R$5,000.00 of monthly income.

How do I know the limit of my PAN credit card?

You can check the limit of your PAN Credit Card through the PAN bank application that is available for Andriod and IOS.

What is the initial limit?

The initial limit of your PAN card is defined after the credit analysis carried out by the bank. There are several factors that can increase or decrease the amount available, including your monthly income and your score with credit protection bodies.

You can increase your credit according to your history of use and payments of your bills on time, which improves your relationship with the bank and receives higher limits.

How long does it take to release the PAN credit card limit?

Your PAN card credit limit may take up to 3 business days after payment is cleared. If you need more agility in this release, you can contact your card administration and request a faster credit refund.

How long does it take to release the PAN credit card limit

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There are many qualities of Banco PAN and also the advantages of its credit cards, but each customer needs a different solution, I hope you can check every detail and make comparisons with other products available to make the decision to apply for your card. credit.

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