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Pan Bank releases credit card for negative! know more

Getting a bad credit card is not easy. Most banks and financial institutions prefer not to make credit cards available to people who are in this situation. But now Pan is releasing a credit card for negative people, which makes life a lot easier for people who have an irregular CPF

The credit card for Banco Pan negative can be requested in a simple way, without any type of consultation with the SPC or Serasa. Want to know more about the Pan bank credit card? So keep following this text until the end, to understand how it works and what to do to get this card.

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What is Pan Bank?

It is a Brazilian bank, has its headquarters in São Paulo but serves millions of consumers throughout Brazil. The reason for this is that Banco Pan works 100% digitally, so it is not necessary to go to a physical branch to hire the bank’s services.

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As for its services, Banco Pan has several types of solutions for its customers, such as loans, financing, investments and credit cards. Among these is the credit card for negative credit from Banco Pan, which is what interests us at the moment. Let’s find out more about him.

Credit card for Banco Pan negative

We are talking about the Pan bank payroll credit card. This card can be easily requested by people who have their CPF in an irregular situation, because unlike what happens in the process of requesting other cards, no type of credit analysis is carried out for the request.

A credit card in this category can be of great help to people who are negative. It can help them organize their financial situation and be used to pay off outstanding debts so consumers can clear their name. But how does this card work?

How does the Pan credit card work for negatives?

As it is a payroll-deductible credit card, the invoice amount is automatically deducted from the card user’s payroll. Because of this, this type of card is exclusive to retirees, INSS pensioners or servers of public or private companies.

Since the amount will be automatically discounted by the bank itself, there is no need to undergo credit analysis, as there is no risk of default. In addition, it can be used by negatives, the Pan Bank payroll credit card has other benefits such as annuity exemption and interest rates 4x lower than that of common cards.

What is the initial limit of the Banco PAN credit card?

Usually the cards do not have an initial limit, as it is defined by the credit analysis. But this is not the case with the credit card for negative people, as the limit of this card is equal to the salary of its user.

That is, if the consumer has a salary of R$ 2,000, this will be the limit of the card. However, this limit can increase, being up to 2x higher than your user’s salary, using the example we mentioned, the limit can reach up to R$ 4,000.

What is the initial limit of the Banco PAN credit card
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Interested in the credit card for negative? You can request it 100% online through the Pan Bank website. Just fill in a form with your personal data, and accept the offer that is offered to you.

The credit card for negative from Banco Pan can be of great help to you who have the CPF in an irregular situation, and can even help you out of this situation. So, now that you already know this Pan bank card, request yours!

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