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Pamela Anderson sent Britney Spears a letter thanking her for her support

A few days ago, the singer Britney Spears wrote a message on Instagram -which she later deleted- in which she praised the actress Pamela Andersonafter seeing in Netflix the documentary “Pamela, a love story”. Among other things pop princess commented: “I am a huge fan of Pamela Anderson. At one point she was the only sex icon in America and she still is…it made me understand that people should support you at exactly the moment you are in your life… unless cruelty rules the world.”

Such comments reached the ears of Anderson, who now revealed to Entertainment Tonight that in gratitude he sent a letter to Britney: “I sent him a letter. I hope you receive it, it’s just a private letter.” Regarding the current situation of the singer -already released from her legal guardianship- of her, the Canadian actress added that “it is difficult when the people closest to you betray you or use you. You are like a money making machine. It is painful”.

For a long time Britney Spears She is away from her children Preston and Jayden, and in that sense she saw points in common with Pamela, who had Brandon and Dylan with the musician. Tommy Lee. In the message that she posted, the singer also stressed that she “really respects the fact that her children stood up for her in relation to the fact that people were trying to sell her story from her past.”

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