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Paloma Cuevas’s father reveals everything about the relationship that his daughter and Luis Miguel really have | VIDEO

Luis Miguel He does not stop being linked to his comadre, Paloma Cuevas, but it seems that everything would be merely rumors, or at least the father of the designer, as he let it be seen before the Spanish press.

According to Don Victoriano Valencia, who was a bullfighter and one of the good ones, He spoke about the true relationship that exists between his daughter and the famous Mexican singer. Whom he considers is very dear in his house.

“Luis Miguel is a very dear person at home. We have known him forever and what I want is for my daughter to be happy. They are both very handsome inside and out. They are wonderful. And for my daughter I have no words because she is always looking out for us. Now my wife is a little sick and there she is ”


The bullfighter pointed out, who was also very close to Luis Rey, father of the interpreter of “Suave” and “La Bikina”. Since last year it has been said that the interpreter of “La incondicional” has already found a new love, since he has been seen several times with the businesswoman.

However, neither of them has confirmed the relationship, so reporters are still trying to get the truth out, That is why they recently consulted Cuevas’ father, who had nothing but praise for the singer, showing that he has a close relationship with him.

When questioned about whether his daughter Paloma and Luismi are already dating, Victoriano Valencia was very cautious with his response, because, although there was much insistence from the press, he said that they only have a friendly relationship.

“They are friends, at the moment they are friends. And that’s what I can say. I wouldn’t mind because he’s a great person. What I want, like all parents, is for my daughter to be happy.”

Valencia answered without giving more details about the relationship that his daughter has with Luis Miguel, however, He recalled that they are very close, since she is the godmother of his firstborn, which he had after his courtship with the actress Aracely Arámbula.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas has given a lot to talk about from the beginning, since the businesswoman is the ex-wife of the interpreter’s best friend, the bullfighter Enrique Ponce, with whom she had her daughters Paloma and Bianca.

The celebrity has said that for a couple of years she no longer has contact with the artist, who allegedly preferred to maintain a courtship with the designer.

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