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Painting with a suede effect: how to do it

One way to transform home decor is to bet on a new type of painting on the walls🇧🇷 Among the successful decorative effects, it is worth mentioning the suede texture🇧🇷

The decorative effect leaves the wall with a velvety appearance. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

The charm and elegance of velvet painting

THE suede effect wall becomes a differentiated element in the environment, being able to innovate the sensations of the residents. The appearance of the finish is characterized by its smooth and soft touch (velvety), in addition to the mixture of light and dark nuances that create a charming stained effect.

THE suede effect paint favors comfort, warmth and sophistication. It matches well with all environments in the house, especially the living room and bedroom.

Check out the step-by-step below paint with a suede effect🇧🇷

Necessary materials: paint tray, Suvinil suede-effect acrylic paint, brush with double bristles, gel roller for paint application and gloves.

Materials needed for painting. (Photo: Disclosure)

Step by step of velvet painting

1. There is no need for the wall to be white to receive the new painting. However, it is important that the surface is smooth, even and without apparent defects.

two. apply to primer of acrylic paint plus microspheres in the desired shade and diluted in 15% of water.

3. Make the painting with the gel roller, adopting continuous “W” movements.

4. After 4 hours of drying, apply the second coat of the suede effect paint, making strips of 50 cm to 70 cm with the roller.

5. In order for the wall to acquire the suede effect itself, it is necessary to dip the brush in the acrylic paint, remove the excess and then apply it to the surface.

Apply the brush to obtain the suede effect. (Photo: Disclosure)

6. When sliding the brush along the wall, it is important to make random movements so that the microspheres act quickly. The messier, the better the end result of the finish.

7. After drying, the wall will acquire a stained looksimilar to real suede.

• Other accessories can be used to enhance the suede effectsuch as a water-dampened cloth placed against still-wet paint.

• The suede effect can also be created with two different shades. Experts recommend that the second color be two tones higher than the base color.

• The more ax the wall gets, the better the result.

• Another way to let the elegant and charming wall is betting on woody painting, which is also successful among decoration trends.

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