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Painting on Eggs Tips, Photos

Who does not remember in their childhood having seen or received a chicken egg painted inside the nest along with the chocolate ones? Of course, they came with peanut filling and were delicious, many people here in Brazil still worship this tradition and pass it down from father to son and each year that passes, the eggs become more colorful and decorated. It’s a real work of art that people do on eggs, after they even break them. Children love it and wonder how the peanuts ended up inside the chicken egg? The imagination and tradition of Easter makes everyone feel like a child again, even if it’s just for a few moments, but the magic of the moment is contagious to everyone.

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Painting on Eggs Tips, Photos

Facts about painted eggs

Painting chicken eggs at Easter is also customary in the East and in countries east of Europe, eggs were transformed into great works of art by the Orthodox. The egg is a very old symbol before Christianity, it already meant fertility and the rebirth of life. Since from Russia to Greece the Orthodox used to paint their eggs red, but in Germany their favorite color was green and the tradition is so great that the week leading up to Easter is called the green week, as well as Thursday green. In Bulgaria the tradition was even hotter, because instead of hiding the painted eggs they fought with the eggs in their hands, it was a real pitched battle and whoever managed to finish the battle with their egg intact was successful until the next Easter. This habit spread to other countries such as England, as Edward I offered gold-plated eggs to his favorite subjects. In France Louis XIV painted and decorated eggs to send as gifts and from this gesture came the fashion of making artificial eggs such as:

  • Wood
  • Porcelain
  • And Metal that contained pleasant surprises inside.

These traditions were the inspiration for “Peter Carl Fabergé” who created and invented the famous and very valuable Faberge eggs.

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Creating chocolate easter eggs

The creation of chocolate eggs came from France from the Pâtissiers who took empty chicken eggs and filled them with chocolate and then decorated the parents hid the eggs in the garden for the children to look for them. The tradition got better and better, because with better technologies the eggs became all chocolate and are still used today.

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How to decorate easter eggs, tips:

If you want to increase your children’s egg basket then take the opportunity to decorate some chicken eggs for them, it will definitely be fun, see some tips below:

– Before decorating the eggs they must be washed well;

– choose the material you want to use for decorating the eggs;

– The eggs can be decorated with markers, an easy and quick way to do it;

– Painting the eggs with tempera and a brush also gives a beautiful effect and you can invite your children to join in the game;

– Take silk paper of different colors, cut it into strips and cover the eggs or all of the same color or mixing the colors, then wet the eggs and let them dry overnight, after removing the papers the effect is wonderful, the eggs are well colored;

– glue with glitter is also excellent for decorating the eggs, just use a little creativity and the eggs will be beautiful;

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If you want, you can also add some accessories to the colored eggs like ribbons, embroidered strips, Greeks, eyes, rabbit ears, in short, there are countless ideas, just put them into practice and have fun. And the best thing is that you can invite your children to help with the decoration, they will surely love it and have the biggest party. Check out some photos below:

Painting on Eggs Tips Photos

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