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Paint colors for external and internal walls – Tips

Paint colors for external and internal walls – Tips for those who are wanting to know more information about this beautiful decoration style. Many people are unaware, but painting, colors and textures are also part of the decoration and much more than you can imagine, because you can create a whole decoration in a blue color with texture and another in green, for example, all this influences in the choice of furniture and decorative accessories.

See how your wall color can change the way you see the rooms in your home (Photo: Handout)

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Paint colors for external and internal walls – Tips

check the paint colors for external, internal walls – Tips and much more to have a wonderful home, different and with everything you are entitled to when it comes to decoration. Even for this reason, it is recommended that you always hire a specialized professional to solve all matters related to the decoration of all desired environments, since this professional has all the conditions to do a job aimed at the consumer’s interest. However, as many people cannot afford to be a professional, below you can see the tips combined with links to decoration magazines to help when choosing colors and textures. So, see the best possibilities of choice in these paint color tips for exterior, interior walls to better assist you when decorating an environment.

Paint colors for external and internal walls – Tips (Photo: Disclosure)

Bright colors for your home walls

Nowadays, the brightest colors are in the spotlight like purple, for example, which is more in evidence keeping in mind the wall paint colors, but through the color simulators you can check which is the best option for your environment, making it more beautiful and decorating according to the chosen color. To learn more about the room color simulator, go to the Suvinil website and check it out, to access and find out, go to http://www.suvinil.com.br/Simulador.aspx and have fun. Here you can learn how to use the decoration simulator, on the page place your photo album, click on “start simulation”.

Exterior wall decoration and interior wall decoration will vary according to your taste. (photo: publicity)

Check out wall decor that will inspire you

THE exterior wall decoration and interior wall decoration will vary according to your taste, whether using textures or not, so get wall painting tips and see which is the best option for your decoration and to make the environment more beautiful, there are several sites on the internet that give tips and even show you how to make each type of texture, but hiring a professional will make the environment more beautiful.

Choose colors according to the environment. (photo: publicity)

One more site option for you to test wall colors

One of the sites that provides these tips is Faz Fácil, learn more about the tips by accessing the site at http://www.fazfacil.com.br/reforma_construcao/pintura.html and checking how to make the decoration and take the opportunity to put your hand in the dough. We hope you manage to leave the environment according to what you need perfectly. And you internet user, do you know more about decorating environments? Leave your suggestion and participate by interacting and participating with us.

See examples of colors and walls for inspiration

Blue always goes well

Get inspired by different wall colors

Bet on the right color palette (Photo: Disclosure)

Feel good about your home by choosing the right color (Photo: Disclosure)

Colors have their meanings

The varieties of colors leave anyone confused when choosing one to paint a certain area of ​​the house. Well, taste is taste and when you decide on a color, try to find its meaning, to check if this is exactly what you want to convey to guests and neighbors who visit or live near your homes.

Each color conveys a thought, a feeling and an attitude. That is, decoration is a response from what is inside you, as if it were a subliminal message, which is transmitted by the unconscious and experiences of your personality. To deal with this in a simpler way, the way is to research and reflect on the meaning.

Combining two colors always works well.

White contrasts with purple, for example.

Colors for external and internal walls that can always make a difference (Photo: Disclosure)

Very cool colors and paints for external and internal walls (Photo: Disclosure)

In the project, already test the best color for your home (Photo: Disclosure)

More sober colors can make everything more beautiful and different (Photo: Disclosure)

Colors for internal and external walls, check (Photo: Disclosure)

Combine the objects with the wall color (Photo: Disclosure)

The arrangement of the furniture can change the face of the room in your home (Photo: Disclosure)

An example of a wall with a lot of color (Photo: Disclosure)

Do not be afraid to make mistakes

For fear of making mistakes, most people opt for the obvious, especially when decorating the inside of the house. Those who like to dare, but are even a little afraid, can bet on a beautiful alternative. For example, do you like a more colorful room but are afraid to paint the walls? The way is to improvise and change the focus to other things that help with the decoration. Why not a white wall with colorful decorative elements? This makes all the difference in any environment.

Now, if choosing decorative elements can also get in your way, the way is to bet on neutrality, whether in the tones of the wall and also in the case of objects. And a cool test that can be done and almost always works for those who don’t like or don’t dare to use contrast is to play with the tonality. When painting a brown wall, for example, you can bet on a beige object, for example, or vice versa.

Always prioritize the environment when choosing the wall color (Photo: Disclosure)

Always use very strong paints on your walls (Photo: Disclosure)

See how your wall color can change the way you see the rooms in your home (Photo: Disclosure)

Light walls help in the spread of lighting (Photo: Disclosure)

See how the walls can be more beautiful (Photo: Disclosure)

Bet on colors that increase luminosity (Photo: Disclosure)

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