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Pagbank credit card: Know the advantages!

The PagBank credit card is interesting because it offers excellent benefits to its customers and makes them not have to worry about annual fees and other fees considered unnecessary. This card works like the others, however, when paying, you will only need to use the PagBank card machine.

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What is the Pagbank credit card?

The Pagbank credit card is very different, as it is possible to pay for your purchases only with the bank’s own machines, but this is temporary. You can pay for all your purchases in 18 installments, in addition to being able to pay both Uber and Netflix easily.

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The bank that issues the card is called Banco PagSeguro that exists since 2006. Its flag belongs to Visa, therefore, customers will be able to enjoy benefits such as Vai de Visa, which allows the opportunity to pay less in private rides, and receive a nice 20% discount with the Catho.

Those who like to be free of annuities can count on the PagBank card, as they do not have any annuities, so you will be able to take advantage of all the possibilities presented to you.

What is the limit for this card?

It will depend a lot on the limit that was pre-approved for you when applying for the credit card, so you will have to check the amounts and analyze them. You can ask for an adjustment if necessary.

How to order your Pagbank card?

If you are a PagBank customer, it will be easy to request your card, so all you have to do is access the Cards Menu and choose the PagBank Credit Card option, then select Ask for my Card. Afterwards, you will be required to confirm your address.

The PagBank credit card is one of the most interesting to use, as it may be that negatives may have the opportunity to apply for a credit card, since they do not ask for a Score or any information about it. It is something that needs to be analyzed and considered when applying for a credit card, so that you do not end up in debt.

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