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Pablo Montero has great detail with the children of the workers of the Central de abasto de México, that was the moment!

Pablo Montero He returned to the scene and in what way, because he did it on Three Kings Day to make hundreds of children happy.

This time the famous Mexican singer became ‘Wizard King’ and delivered toys to boys and girls in the most important market in Mexico, the Central de Abasto.

Montero decided to make happy many of the little ones who are the children of the tenants of this siteand began to deliver toys to all the sons and daughters of the workers at the Central.

In this regard, the Mexican singer pointed out the reason why he decided to have this gesture with the workers and their families of this site, which generates thousands of jobs, as well as countless traffic of food and necessities.

“I am very grateful to my parents who taught me from a very young age to work and earn what they gave me and also to always be generous and altruistic, which I have shared with my four children.”


In this event, Pablo was accompanied by the CDMX Government Secretary, Martí Batres, and the Coordinator of the CDMX Supply Center, Marcela Villegas.

“All Mexicans have an education, a culture of helping each other in difficult times when people need it. Also, they do an impressive job here; The workers here are in charge of taking all the meat, chicken, fresh fish, dairy products, and juices to all the municipalities. 500,000 people enter here a day and there is impressive security. And what better than to bring a gift to the children of these tireless workers”

On his tour of the market and the delivery of toys, the also actor did not hesitate to live with his fans who came to show him their love.

“I recorded a duet in Cancun with Juan Gabriel three months before he left, and it’s coming out, which makes me very happy because he is one of the greatest artists worldwide. They also recorded Yuri, Cristian. I am going to take a trip with my children, my firstborn who lives in Costa Rica is already here with me and it is going to be something very nice”

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