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Pablo Lyle’s family has raised an exorbitant amount to help him and they almost reached the goal

After he was found guilty, the family of Paul Lyle He opened an internet portal to request donations to help the actor cover all the expenses derived from the legal process he is facing in the United States and fortunately for his cause, the goal they set is almost covered.

Pablo Lyle’s problems with the North American justice system began in March 2019, when the actor had a road conflict with a 63-year-old man of Cuban nationality identified as Juan Ricardo Hernández to whom the actor punched that caused the man to fall and hit his head that caused his death days later in a hospital.

Given these facts, Pablo Lyle received house arrest and the hearings in his house were postponed for more than two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic and it was until just last October when the actor was found guilty of having committed the crime of involuntary manslaughter so now he only has to wait for his sentence.

Due to Pablo Lyle’s legal situation, the actor was left without being able to generate income since April 2019 and throughout all this time, The actor spent his entire fortune to be able to support his family and at the same time cover the expenses derived from his legal process.

Which left him in an economic situation more than vulnerable and for this reason, the actor’s family decided to open a page to request donations and from the beginning the figure of 100 thousand dollars was established to cover expenses and debts.

Fortunately, the followers of the actor and his guild colleagues have responded favorably and So far, a total of 93,497 dollars has already been raised, which means that only 6,503 dollars are missing from the goal.

“Throughout this process, Pablo has incurred very high legal expenses that continue to increase in this long and arduous legal path that lies ahead. The legal expenses have exhausted all the economic resources of the Lyle family ”, is a fragment of the text in which donations are requested for the actor.

Pablo Lyle’s hearing has been suspended three times because his legal team would be looking forthat a new trial be held outside of Florida since they consider that the media coverage of the case influenced Marisa Tinkler’s decision.

However, it has not yet been announced whether or not said appeal is approved and for now, the date established to know the actor’s sentence is Thursday, December 8.

It is worth mentioning that, according to various legal specialists, Pablo Lyle could spend between 9 and 15 years in prison and as far as is known, the three years he was under house arrest will not be taken into account.

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