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Pablo Lyle could face a second trial to show that he is not a violent man

It will be until next December 12 when the legal future of Paul Lyle, date on which the judge in charge could issue the pre-sentence of the 35-year-old Mexican actor; however, it transpired that He may face a new trial..

Just over two months after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter of Mr. Juan Ricardo Hernándeza 63-year-old man of Cuban nationality who died in 2019 after receiving a blow during a traffic incident in Miami, Florida, it was announced that a new trial could be held at the request of the actor’s legal defense, because at Apparently, not all the arguments that were prepared were taken into account.

As explained by the lawyer Sandra Hoyos in an interview for the program ‘La Mesa Caliente’, during the hearing held on December 8, the Mexican actor’s legal team asked Judge Marisa Tinkler Mendez for a new trial, for which they presented him with ten reasons, one of them was that the man who lost his life had collided his car with that of Pablo Lyle, which caused the actor’s annoyance, leading him to react as he did.

Another of the points that they plan to make clear is that there was no impartiality in the jury, since there would have been discrimination referring to Pablo Lyle as “the Mexican”, while, to the deceased, as “the Cuban”.

The legal expert also said that it is planned to request that the homicide is forgiven because somehow it was the victim who incited Lyle to react violentlyfor which he himself would have caused his death, which is stipulated in a Florida law that is based on “the circumstances prior to the homicidal act.”

Another argument has to do with Pablo Lyle is not a violent man and that the victim came from a previous incident, which was even revealed by his sentimental partner.

For its part, the Prosecutor’s Office exposed the mental state of the actor at the time everything happened, in addition to the fact that, during the first trial, the protagonist of the film “Mirreyes vs Godínez” had every opportunity to express these arguments, but he refused to give his testimony.

After hearing the petition, Judge Marisa Tinkler Mendez did not want to make the decision, so It will be until next December 12 when it is known if there will be a new trial or the pre-sentence is issued.

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