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Overwatch 2 will not have Loot Boxes • ENTER.CO

For all the criticism that can be leveled at Overwatch 2, we can at least give it one good thing. Activision has announced that the game will not include a Loot Box system.

The news comes from the hand of the new game update released by Blizzard. According to the announcement, the next game will replace the reward box system and will instead stick with a season pass, as well as an in-game store. Unfortunately, not many details have been given about what rewards the season pass will offer, how much it will cost or how its store will work.

“(Players) will now be able to purchase the items they want directly through the Battle Pass and a completely revamped and constantly updated in-game store. Our team will create and deliver seasonal content every nine weeks to ensure there is always something new and exciting for everyone.”

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The news follows last week’s update revealing that Overwatch 2 will be free to play. Blizzard also promised cross-platform progress will be added (no crossplay promise, sadly).

‘Overwatch 2’ already presented us with a plan for its first seasons

Overwatch 2 plans to bring a new character to the game every two seasons, as well as the possibility of new maps and games (depending on the season). Season 1 will introduce Sojourn, Junker Queen, and another unannounced support character, as well as the new 5 vs. 5, hero mods, new maps, game modes, and more.

In season two, ‘Overwatch 2’ will introduce a new tank, map, and collection of unique skins, including a new Mythic Skin. As we move into 2023, it will also move the story of Overwatch forward with the launch of a new PvE experience. Another of the promises that he did not share more information about is a “reinvented competitive experience.”

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