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Overcoming the boredom of the first days of the year: 8 tips

New Year’s wishes renew enthusiasm for life! But, after the festivities, there’s a boredom in the days of January. There is solution.

Do you feel like you need overcome the boredom that hovers in the first days of the year, after so much excitement in December? This is a kind of emotional hangover – which is physical as well.

Motivation to work, positive thinking to face everyday life, overcome obstacles, achieve productivity are essential ingredients to make the most of your qualities and capabilities, moving forward in the new year and new opportunities.

The first month of 2023 comes after so many festive celebrations, times when so much hope and love brought some warmth to our hearts. Enthusiastic wishes for a new life, new intentions, new projects leave behind the old and the spent and, then, there is an appeal for a (re)beginning – which, between toasts and hugs, make the page turn to a new year.

And arrived at 2023… All the same, all the same! In addition to the peak of January’s cold, the whole context brings us a feeling of immobility and rigidity. It seems that he just wants to be quiet and at home.

How to get rid of this discouragement and fight boredom in the first days of a new year?

Take care of your body and your health

Start by reviewing your eating habits and make the necessary corrections to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Don’t postpone routine health checks that should have been completed in 2022 any longer. Go to your doctor and do everything necessary to be in good health.

do physical exercise

The best measure to end the physical and psychological stagnation you feel is to exercise. Look for a gym or dance, yoga or martial arts schools.

Renewing energy through physical exercise is very rewarding and returns a unique well-being to the body and mind.

Organize your space

In your home or at work, the clutter and mess of things you don’t need can drain you of a lot of energy due to the discomfort it translates into.

Select, arrange, organize things to make your environment more welcoming and comfortable. This process also helps to organize the mind and ideas.

Delegate the tasks you don’t feel capable of doing

Unable to do all tasks. Some you can pass on to someone you trust who will do them as well or better, leaving you time to do the tasks you love most with more time.

look for nature

Take a walk through nature and try to spend a few hours, or days, in a calm and natural place. The river, the mountains, the forests, the animals, the flowers and the plants are the best antidote for stress and the worn out routine of everyday life. The pure air refreshes the state of mind and calms the mind.

pay your debts

There’s nothing better than knowing you don’t owe anyone anything and nobody owes you. Paying bills on time, not leaving debts behind, even those that were forgotten in 2022 and the almost insignificant ones. The peace of mind of having everything up to date is golden for feeling good in your conscience.

Define a strategy to deliver on goals and promises

Start now, don’t leave it for tomorrow! define your goals and objectives for the new yearcan be monthly, quarterly, or whatever is most appropriate.

Establish a plan for each, think of a strategy to achieve all your goals and fulfill all your promises. Every day will be important and every effort invested will bring results in your favor.

Don’t postpone your dreams

It’s time to sit face to face with your dream(s). Don’t waste energy on excuses, resistance, negotiations and psychological impossibilities of your own making.

Look the dream(s) straight in the eye! Address them as “you”.

Be determined and take responsibility for your path! Don’t whine about difficulties. Find out the possibilities and put all your energy at the service of realizing your dream(s).

Are there charges? Sure! But they are smaller when we live close to our dreams, our purpose, our responsibility, our best than when we live in the shadow of fear, laziness and obstacles.

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