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outfit ideas, but without getting cold

If you want to know how to wear skirts in winter without getting cold, this article is for you. Create your feminine looks without fear of temperatures.

There are many women who love to use skirts in winter, even when low temperatures are felt. If that’s your case but you’re chilly, we have good news: there are some easy formulas that result in beautiful, comfortable and warm.

To help you, we’ve put together some inspiring tips, where skirts take center stage.

However, remember that, due to the cold, you should favor warm fabrics and bet on overlays, so that you feel beautiful and comfortable. Fortunately, nowadays there are also thermal tights, good allies when it comes to escaping the cold in style.

Ready to wear and abuse skirts in the cold season?

How to wear skirts in winter: 6 inspiring looks


Classic: with tights, overcoat and scarf

This is one of those basic winter looks that always works great, especially on days when you wake up late.

The idea is to combine easy pieces, such as a sweater and overcoat, with a warm wool skirt. To make it more cozy, you should use a scarf and thermal tights.

The result is an uncomplicated look that you can wear to work, for a walk with the kids or for lunch with your significant other.


Miniskirt with over-the-knee boots

This inspiration is for all women who love miniskirts and feminine outfits in winter. Just pair your favorite with a turtleneck sweater, wear over-the-knee boots and top it off with an overcoat.

A beautiful look with a hint of sensuality, which works beautifully to spend the day with your better half making love.


Summer skirts? Bet on thermal tights

Although cold days call for warm fabrics, there are some ways to adapt a summer skirt to a winter look. One of them is combining it with thermal tights, high boots and a very warm wool sweater.

Don’t forget to wear an undershirt (if necessary, wear two) in order to create the so-called onion effect. As a result, you’ll feel warmer and more comfortable, which is good news for the coldest ones.

A beautiful, feminine and comfortable look to recreate now.

leopard-pattern looks

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The idea in this inspiration is to bet on the overlays on top, in order to keep warm, so you can play with a lighter bottom. Thus, the skirt may well be one of your summer favorites.

In this sense, combine the pleated midi skirt with a sweater oversized wool and an XL scarf. Wear transparent tights if it’s not too cold.

In addition to being practical, this is a comfortable and warm outfit that works great, both for working at home and for going out with friends.


Midi with leather jacket

Combining the midi skirt with a fitted turtleneck sweater, in the same shades, with a biker jacket and ankle boots, is sure to look pretty, sophisticated and comfortable. And best of all, you can create this outfit using pieces you already have.

If you are not a fan of dark colors, choose a color that you like and create a monochromatic outfit that suits you.

Of all our suggestions, this is the only one that cannot be used by women who are too cold, unless they add some very warm tights.

Wearing a miniskirt with a wool sweater and ankle boots in winter is a practical and elegant way to achieve a feminine look.

Now that you know how to wear skirts in winter, what are you waiting for to create your looks and get more stylish outfits on cold days? Look for the skirts you have in your closet, get inspired and have even more style!

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