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Outboard Motor Price – in 2022

The outboard motor is an external power source that provides propulsion to the boat. This type of engine differs from boat engines, which are built into a space within or above the body.

How much does an outboard motor cost?

Typically an outboard motor will cost from just €900 to over €25,000, depending on several factors. Some of the things that will impact the price will be its power, where you buy it, and the brand that made it.

Below you will find a chart that will give you an idea of ​​the price of an outboard motor based on its power:

Horsepower (HP)

Price range


€21,000 to €25,000


€20,000 to €23,000


€17,900 to €20,000


€16,700 to €19,500


€14,500 to €17,500


€11,000 to €13,500


€10,300 to €12,100


€9,100 to €10,100


€8,200 to €9,200


€7,300 to €8,300


€7,200 to €8,000


€6,500 to €7,500


€6,000 to €7,000


€5,000 to €6,000


€3,400 to €4,000


€3,200 to €3,800


€3,000 to €3,500


€2,600 to €3,300


€2,100 to €2,900


€1,600 to €2,300


€1,300 to €2,000


€900 to €1,500

Remember that this table only takes into account the power factor, but a motor will also be priced differently depending on its weight, length, starting system or brand. These are also just ranges based on our research, so you might find a motor you like for a price slightly outside of this range.

PDB magazine has researched the prices of popular brands like Evinrude, Honda and Yamaha. They found that an engine of 40 hp will have an average price of €6,671 while a 250 hp outboard can easily fetch prices of €22,000 or more.

outboard engine details

The outboard motor is a motor that is located on the stern of a boat or ship. With your own propeller, you can easily power smaller boats.

Outboard motors provide boat owners with a powerful way to propel their boats. A typical outboard motor will have a certain power, weight and number of cylinders, type of start (electric or manual) and type of fuel which can be gasoline. Average engines will range between 15 and 115 hp, but some can go even higher at 350 hp.

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Common shaft lengths for this type of motors are 15, 20 and 25 inches. Popular brands that offer these units include Mercury, Honda, Evinrude, Tohatsu, and Yamaha.

Any additional expenses to prepare for?

Installing a new outboard motor can be a precious process. Prices to install a new motor vary based on size and location of purchase, as well as professional installation needs. On average, expect to pay between €400 and 1,200 just for the installation.

If you buy it online, be prepared for additional fees. Beyond the initial price tag and more complex delivery process, shipping charges can also be added depending on where you live. In addition to this, budget for things like tune-ups, maintenance, or repairs.

Important things to consider

Boating enthusiasts are often faced with the decision of choosing between an inboard or an outboard motor. Inboards are lighter, which makes them faster than outboards; however, people who have experience working with motors will find that they can do more work on the outboard if there is a problem because they are easier to access than those built into the boat.

An outboard unit will work great, especially for anglers with smaller boats who are tired of rowing their way to their perfect fishing spot.

Is there a way to spend less?

For the savvy bargain hunter, you might be able to get an outboard slightly used from eBay with a 40% discount or, in some cases, even more. But as with any second-hand equipment purchase, it’s wise to try it out in person and check its condition before making a decision. yesi buy from a dealer (and always should), make sure they include a limited warranty, so if anything happens after your purchase, you’re protected.

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