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Out at the last minute? We list our best tips for Valentine’s Day!

Do you have someone you love that you would like to do something a little extra for on Valentine’s Day, but haven’t had time to prepare anything? Then you are in the right place! Here we give you our best last minute tips that you can take on for a guaranteed romantic Valentine’s Day.

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This year’s Valentine’s Day is here and it’s a perfect opportunity for a little extra love cuddle with the one you like. But if you haven’t had time to prepare anything, don’t worry, we have the tips that can get you back on track! Below are our best quick, easy but oh so loving last minute tips for Valentine’s Day!

Cook your partner’s favorite food

What is your partner’s favorite dish? Find out what he likes the most, buy what you need to cook (or just serve it if it’s take away) the food and surprise your partner. Because who doesn’t get happy from food?

Bake your partner’s favourites

Find out which pastry your partner likes, buy the ingredients and surprise him with a real sweet treat! A little tip to raise the Valentine’s Day mood even more is to pimp the pastries with, for example, heart-shaped sprinkles or icing that you shape into hearts. Because a little sweet shock on Valentine’s Day itself is never wrong, right?

Write notes

A loving handwritten text is incredibly lovely and romantic to receive. Formulate and write down what you feel for your partner and the best things about him. A declaration of love on Valentine’s Day is guaranteed to be appreciated!

Surprise your partner with their favorite candy

It’s not just the jelly or chocolate hearts that are appreciated on Valentine’s Day, but also YOUR partner’s favorite candy. Pick up a wonderful mixture of the best from the goodies shelf that she knows, put in a nice bowl and as I said, surprise with a sweet shock!

Buy flowers with you on the way home

On the way home from school or work, you are guaranteed to pass a flower shop or a regular grocery store where you can buy a nice little bouquet. Flowers are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Plan the evening with and FOR your partner

To come home after a full day of school or work and be greeted by a home, full of lit candles and a partner who says “take a shower and relax, I have planned the evening for us” – it is both romantic and guaranteed to be appreciated. This could be a small mix of the above tips. Write a romantic note with the evening’s plans, cook your favorite food, put on a lovely movie and serve your partner’s favorite sweets. Romantic deluxe!

Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day from us at Metro Mode!

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