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Ourocard Credit Card: is it worth it?

Do you already know the Ourocard Credit Card and its advantages? When choosing the perfect credit card for you, you need to pay attention to the details and benefits offered. Because there are several types available on the market, some details can make all the difference when choosing.

Today we will introduce you to the Ourocard Credit Card, a credit card from the Bank of Brazil, which offers several advantages to its users. Discover more below!

What this article covers:

What is the Ourocard Credit Card?

The Ourocard Credit Card is ideal for those looking for practicality and a lot of security to make purchases inside and outside the country.

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It is a simpler card, but with advantages for its customers.

Advantages of the Ourocard credit card

Among the advantages offered by the Ourocard Credit Card, we can highlight:


To free your Ourocard Credit Card from the annuity, you must spend a minimum amount of R$ 100.00 on the monthly bill. If this minimum amount is not reached, the consumer must pay a fee of R$ 73.20, referring to the annual fee.


This is a more affordable type of card, as you can apply for it even if you have a lower income.

You don’t need to be an account holder

Unlike many credit cards, Ourocard can be applied for by anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a bank account.

Disadvantages of the Ourocard credit card

Despite its advantages, this is a card that also has some disadvantages, such as:

low initial limit

The initial limit released by the bank is considered low when compared to other credit cards. Because of this, for many people it can be considered a disadvantage.

However, it is important to say that as you use the card, and the invoices paid on the right date, the tendency is for the bank to gradually increase the limit.

Unified limit for account holders

If you are a bank account holder, you need to pay attention to the so-called unified limit. This is a Banco do Brasil system, where the limit is divided among all the cards that the customer has. So, if you are an account holder and already have a bank card, you need to see if it pays to apply for a new one.

No points and benefits program

Today, one of the great benefits offered by cards is the points, miles and benefits programs in general. However, as it is a simpler credit card, Ourocard does not have this type of advantage.

How does the Ourocard Credit Card work?

This is a credit card like the others, that is, you can use it to make your purchases inside and outside the country in several establishments where it is accepted.

How does the Ourocard Credit Card work?

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In addition, in Brazil, you can make your purchases in cash or in installments with your Ourocard Credit Card.

How to apply for the Ourocard Credit Card?

To request your Ourocard Credit Card, just download the Banco do Brasil application, enter your CPF and choose the ideal credit card for your needs. Then submit the requested documents and wait for approval.

What is the Ourocard limit?

Initially, the limit offered by the Ourocard Card is R$ 250.00. However, after 2 months of frequent use, it is possible to request that the bank carry out an analysis so that this limit is increased.

What is the maximum limit?

Paying bills on time, using your card a lot, and avoiding billing in installments are ways to automatically increase your limit. Therefore, the maximum limit offered by Ourocard varies according to the profile of each customer.

The Ourocard Credit Card is an option for those looking for a more basic option, with a low initial limit and few advantages. For occasional or fixed expenses, it is an excellent choice of credit card.

Therefore, if you are a person looking for a simpler service that does not generate excessive expenses, Ourocard is worth it for you. But if you wanted a more complete option, with a points program and more benefits, better look for another card category.

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