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Oshi no Ko’s manga will receive an anime adaptation • ENTER.CO

Although the world of idols is sustained by lies, we promise this is not one of them. Oshi no Ko’s manga is getting an anime adaptation.

The manga by Aka Akasaka (the author behind Kaguya Sama) and Mengo Yokoyari (author of Kuzu no Honkai) began serializing just two years ago in the pages of Shūkan Young Jump. However, it has become one of those unavoidable recommendations every time you visit the idol topic and ask for a new read that is different.

For now, there are no further details about the project. It is possible that in the coming weeks new details of the project will be revealed. We also do not have a window for its premiere, but we do have a first official art of the anime.

Oshi no Ko

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In case you don’t know about this manga, we have some good news. The first is that you can start reading the story now for free on Manga Plus, the Jump publisher’s app. Every Wednesday the app uploads four new chapters of its story, so you can add something more to your reading while Manga Plus catches up with the manga.

Oshi no Ko is certainly a unique story, especially when you consider the previous works of its two authors. We won’t go into the details of its history (because the premise is part of its hook), but for those who are looking for a different look at the Japanese entertainment industry, it’s almost mandatory reading. In fact, the manga is much closer to the seinen genre than the idol genre, considering the way it talks about issues such as harassment, wear and tear, and pressure that people have in this industry. His story even handles issues like age limits, dangers, the way these celebrities are built… all while handling some moments of romance and comedy with equal skill.


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