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O’Shaquie Foster put on a superb display to take the undefeated and WBC super featherweight title from Mexican Rey Vargas

The American O’Shaquie Foster was proclaimed this Saturday super featherweight champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC)defeated Mexican Rey Vargas by unanimous decision in a fight held at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

The cards gave the victory to O’Shaquie with scores of 116-112, 117-111 and 119-109. foster, who broke the Mexican’s undefeated record, had a record of 20 wins, 11 on the fast track and two losses. Vargas was left with 36 wins, 22 knockouts, and one loss.

Rey scored from the first round with a straight left hand that his opponent dodged thanks to his speed and good footwork.

The Orange, Texas, native showed off his ability to get in, hit and get out, a trick that even led to a slip from Vargas which sent him to the canvas in the second round.

Rey hurt Foster with curling shots to the body in the third; In a closed exchange of blows, Vargas received a headbutt that opened his left eyebrow.

Supported by his mobility, the American dominated from the fourth round.

In the fifth O’Shaquie wobbled the one born in Otumba, State of Mexico, with a repeat of left overhands.

In the sixth round, the American maintained his dominance, his blows reddening the cheekbone of his rival’s right eye. that he began to despair at the lack of forcefulness of his attacks.

Discomposed, Vargas tried overhands and right hooks that were lost in the air before the waist movement of O’Shaquie who looked better in the seventh and eighth.

Despite the swelling in both eyes, Rey bravely launched herself in search of a blow that would make Foster falter, but her desperation deepened. for the constant failures of his blows.

Entering the tenth round, O’Shaquie demonstrated his great physical condition and intelligence to shape his style.to enter hurt and leave, combat.

Knowing that he was down on the cards, Vargas came out in the eleventh to look for the exchange; Foster did not shy away, he responded forcefully with an effective left hook that shook the Mexican’s headwho had to back off.

The American endured the last episode against a physically diminished Rey Vargas to seal a brilliant display that led him to victory.

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