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Oscars 2023 – Hugh Grant called “rude” after red carpet interview

During Sunday night’s Oscars, Hugh Grant was interviewed by model Ashley Graham – a meeting that was anything but successful.

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An interview that took place in connection with Sunday night’s Oscars has gone viral, due to Hugh Grant’s “rude” response.

Compared the Oscars to Vanity Fair

The interview was conducted by the model Ashley Graham, who has been a presenter for, among other things Miss Universe. She began by asking the actor what he liked most about the gala, to which Grant replied: “It’s fascinating. All humanity is here.”

He added: “It’s Vanity Fair.”

The above was likely a reference to the classic novel called “Fåfängans marknad” in Swedish – but Graham surmised that the answer was about Vanity Fair’s annual Oscar party, saying:

“Yes, it’s all about Vanity Fair. It’s where we let loose and have some fun.”

In the rest of the interview, Graham asked Grant if there was any actor or film he hoped would pick up a statuette (“No one in particular”), what he was wearing (“My suit, just”) and how it felt to be in the movie Ice Cream Onion (“I’m barely in it, I’m in it for about three seconds”).

“The most uncomfortable thing I’ve seen”

Opinions regarding Grant’s attitude are divided on Twitter, where Pop Crave has published the clip in question.

“If you don’t like being there, why come? Very rude… and rolling your eyes at the end? It makes it even worse,” one person commented on the clip.

“The most awkward interaction I’ve ever seen on television,” writes another.

However, some believe that Grant’s response depends on his nationality:

“Everyone is so sensitive, he wasn’t rude, he was British,” said one user.

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