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Oscar Pistorius could be released on parole and Reeva Steenkamp’s father would not be against him

Oscar Pistorius in court in 2015.

Photo: Kim Ludbrook/Getty Images

Although 10 years have passed, Reeva Steenkamp’s parents say they are “still grieving” for their daughter, the one who was killed by her boyfriend, former South African Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, who shot him and could be paroled after serving half his sentence.

the former speedster will be found eligible to opt for parole next March, according to information released by the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

“People who have lost children it takes a long time to settle down and realize they won’t be around anymoreReeva’s mother June Steenkamp said during an interview with ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, February 14.

“We just love her so much and miss her.. Part of our life is gone. We’ll see it one day, but that’s what we hope for.” June added.

On the other hand, the family learned that Pistorius will be eligible to leave prison on probation after serving half of his sentence, according to South African media, something that must be combined with the participation of the process of “Restorative Justice” of the country, a program that gives the opportunity to “acknowledge and take responsibility for their actions”.

Parole not a problem for Reeva Steenkamp’s father

In a GMB interview, it was learned that Reeva’s father was in prison and spoke with Pistorius, all this in order to find out if it was true that he killed his daughter out of anger. In addition, they add that the father explained how If you are eligible for probation, you have no problem, as long as the law takes its course.

However, Barry Steenkamp says he didn’t get the answers he wanted from the conversation, adding that “only Oscar knows the true story.”

If parole is due, let the law take its course, as long as everything is done legally… I am not against parole taking its course.”said.

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