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Óscar de la Hoya assures fans that the fight between Ryan García and Gervonta Davis will take place

Oscar de la Hoya and Ryan Garcia.

Photo: Tim Warner/Getty Images

Óscar de la Hoya assured this Tuesday through an interview for DAZN that the fight between Ryan García and Gervonta Davis will take placeAlthough there is still nothing official, he promised that it is a fight that is being discussed and for which all the parties involved are working to finally be able to give the date of it and its confirmation.

Obviously I can’t confirm, until it’s official; but as a fighter, as a promoter, as a fan who wants to see the fight, I can assure you that this fight is going to happen.“said De la Hoya in the interview with the aforementioned sports media.

Gervonta Davis and Ryan García would be warming up

Oscar de la hoya assured that both Ryan García and Gervonta Davis would already be starting their respective preparation camps to get in tune with a fight that both boxers want to the maximum. In this sense, he stressed that for this reason they are warming up for what will be a preview full of interviews and the usual tour of what he qualifies as the most anticipated fight by boxing fans.

Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis, I’m telling you, they haven’t loved an opponent the way they love each other. Now is the time to put his money where, you know, where he is, “continued the” Golden Child“. He also assured that they are already tired of everything that has been said and that they only want the completion of the fight.

Respect for Gervonta but full confidence in Ryan Garcia

De la Hoya showed his respect for Gervonta Davis, whom he assures that he likes to see him in every fight, however, he trusts that García can defeat him. “When I see Gervonta fight, I love the guy. He is the most explosive and entertaining boxer that exists today, and that is why he sells stadiums“.

When he goes up against Ryan Garcia, who is a big kid who punches like a mule with both fists, who is very fast, he’s going to fight high, he’s going to keep his reach and his distance, it’s going to be a good fight. it’s going to be a great fight“, reiterated the former boxer and now promoter.

For Óscar de la Hoya, Ryan García has evolved to become what he is today, for this reason he trusts his pupil and it was for this reason that he realized that he was ready for combat. “Ryan is there, he is fighting the best now. That’s what people wanted. He’s ready“, finished.

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