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Óscar “Conejo” Pérez defends Cata Domínguez from criticism and calls it unfair

Oscar Pérez Conejo, sports director, during the presentation of Ricardo Ferretti.

Photo: Rafael Vadillo / Imago7

Óscar “Conejo” Pérez, the new sports director of Cruz Azul, defended Cata Domínguez from critics and called the accusations unfair. He also referred to Rafael Baca, whom he likewise defended against the accusations of the cement fans; He described both footballers as pieces of great performance in recent years.

The statements were given in an exclusive interview for the TUDN Line of 4 program. As for Cata Domínguez, he pointed out that he is a footballer who has been faithful to the institution and who also wears the team’s colors from the youth forces and has remained there. In addition, he considers that it has been of great help to young people who seek to climb positions in the club.

He admitted that Cata made a mistake, but assured that he was sorry and that he had learned his lesson. In his opinion, Domínguez’s dedication must be highlighted every time he jumps onto the pitch to defend the colors of La Máquina.

Despite defending the aforementioned players, Conejo Pérez did not ensure the continuity of either of the two and pointed out that everything will depend on the meeting he has with Ricardo Ferretti the next few days, he also asked God to help him make the best decisions in both cases and always with the intention of protecting the interests of the club.

In his first interview as sports director of Cruz Azul, when asked why Tuca Ferretti was chosen as the new coach of the cement team, he assured that it was a complicated decision, but in which experience, trajectory and good group management shone of the Brazilian coach.

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