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Original ‘Kiss’ Drummer Peter Criss Turns 77

KISS’s Criss speaks onstage at the 29th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

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George Peter John Criscuola, better known as Peter Criss, the original “Kiss” drummeris turning 77 years old.

Criss was born on December 20, 1945 in New York City, United States.

He is known by the stage name of “The Cat Man”, which in English would be “Catman”.

The also founder of Kiss played an important role in what was the consolidation of the theatrical image of the band.

From it, Criss entered and left several times, this due to problems caused by his indiscipline and lifestyle.

Regarding topics, worked for the following tracks: Beth, Baby Driver, Holligan and Dirty Livin, and collaborated vocally on: Nothin’ To Lose, Black Diamond, Mainline, Strange WaysGetaway, Hard Luck Woman, I Finally Found My Way and You Wanted the Best.

His made-up face, just like a cat, made reference to it on a musical level. Criss had a very cyclothymic personality with a excessive abuse in risk taking.

One of his three wives, Lydia, explained at the time: “Peter took the character of the cat because of the motto ‘cats have 7 lives’. He was really wild. Fact that he demonstrated playing the drums in a very rude way in Kiss and thought that he should make use of those livess as much as possible.”

This undisciplined personality caused him many problems, he became addicted to drugs, specifically cocaine, he had several excesses and his artistic performance had declined. This added to a compulsive dedication por collect revolvers.

Personal life

As for his personal life, it can be said that Criss married Lydia DiLeonardo in the year 1970, they were married until 1979.

That same year he would marry Debra Jensen, who at that time was the model for the Coppertone brand of bronzers. From this marriage Jenilee was born, the only daughter of the couple who came into the world on April 7, 1981.

But in 1994 the love ended and this couple opted for divorce.

four more years afternoon, Criss would marry again, this time with “Gigi”, his third wife. It was a courtship that lasted four years. She was a Canadian and the relationship led to some criticism, since she was only a young teenager.

They were married in California, in what was a ceremony that did not include their former friends and Kiss companions. To this day they are still happily married.

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