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Original headboards, models, prices

see some original bed headboards, models and prices to innovate and give a special touch to your room or that of your children. There are several models of headboards on the market to make the environment even more pleasant and cozy.

Original bed headboards, models, prices (Illustrative Image)

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Original bed headboards, models and prices

The bedroom is one of people’s favorite places and currently, many of them choose the box spring bed because it is more comfortable and practical. But this type of bed calls for a headboard for two reasons. The first is due to aesthetics, to make the environment more harmonious, because only the box spring bed itself is very simple and with the headboard it is possible to make the wall of the bed more beautiful. The second reason is to protect the wall from stains. So, let’s check out some original headboards, models, prices below.

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original bed headboard

There are several headboard models, the important thing is to choose one that matches your style (Illustrative Image)

There are several models of original headboards such as those produced with a curtain rod with the fabric of your choice, in capitone, in wood or mdf, in folding screen, iron, upholstered, in patchwork, in adhesives, in lace, in metal, in framed fabric, straw, wallpaper and even headboards for old doors and windows.

Values ​​of headboards

Headboard prices vary according to the size, material and coating of the product (Illustrative Image)

There are different sizes of box beds. We can find single, double, king and queen. The latter are even larger than the conventional double. The headboards follow the size of the bed, so the values ​​vary. In stores there are simpler headboards for R$200 to R$1000.00 for the more elaborate ones. The price of the creative headboard varies due to the size and material.

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Original bed headboard tips

The headboard must match the decoration concept of the environment (Illustrative Image)

– If you already have a headboard and want to add charm and a new concept to the decor, you can also place a different fabric or rug on top.

– The headboard is also a decoration piece, so it is important that the colors match the rest of the environment.

– This accessory should always be the size or larger than the bed and not narrower.

– If you are going to change your headboard for a more original one, it is possible to reuse the piece in another environment, for example, in the garden hanging on the wall for a vertical garden.

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Now you’ve read about original headboards, models and prices. The important thing is to choose one with your style and budget that fits in your pocket. Check out more creative headboard models below.

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