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Oribe Peralta removes weight from Miguel Herrera’s option for Mexico: “I don’t know if he has the profile”

Oribe Peralta, former Mexican player.

Photo: Hector Vivas/Getty Images

February began, the month in which The Mexican Football Federation (FMF) must define who will sit on the coaching bench of the National Team and everything indicates that the chosen one will come out between Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herrera (free) and Guillermo Almada (Tuzos de Pachuca); to a lesser extent the always difficult Marcelo Bielsa, an ‘impossible dream’ for Mexican managers.

But for the retired Mexican goalscorer Oribe Peralta, the option of Piojo Herrera is not the best for El Tri. Almost 70 games and 25 goals with the Mexican National Team give the former player of Monterrey, Chivas and América authority, among other Liga MX clubs, to issue an opinion that could influence the final decision of the FMF.

Without detracting from Herrera’s abilities as a coach, Oribe Peralta assured that It is not what Mexico needs to lead the new process towards the 2026 World Cup, also considering the recent failure achieved in Qatar 2022.

“I don’t know if Miguel is the ideal profile. For me he is a great coach, I had several stages both in clubs and in the national team with him. He transmits his ideas very well and makes the player embody it on the field, but we hope that the people who must make that decision take it by the hand with the project they want to put on the table, ”he explained in statements to media.

Likewise, the 39-year-old former soccer player considered that the key to achieving success in the process is planning and duration: “I would like them to say what the project is, that it be more rights and that it does not depend on a single coach, but of the Federation itself. An 8-year project can be achieved that benefits the Selection. It is time to correct many things, it is something that has to be done. Today in Mexico we want everything to happen overnight and things are not like that, they are laying foundations for solid foundations and having good projects”.

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