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Organize books in a creative way: photos

Those who love to read are usually also people who always try to use their creativity, both when imagining the scenario of their readings and also in practical life. After all, isn’t it wonderful to have an environment that’s relaxed and crafted in exactly your own way?

Therefore, for you looking to innovate your home by providing a special corner for your literary classics, see some suggestions for creatively organizing books🇧🇷

Here are some ideas to make your environment relaxed and practical at the same time (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Organizing books at home

THE organization of a personal library Firstly, it should consist of ease of access and good layout of the titles so that the search is facilitated. Therefore, it is worth separating your material according to the subject or alphabetical order of the works, so that the previously carried out arrangement is, in addition to being aesthetically favorable, more efficient.

Another important point is clean and preserve old books correctly, also ensuring that the new ones do not suffer so much from exposure to dirt. Therefore, always remember to use two flannels, one dry and one slightly damp with bleach or alcohol. Then apply product and quickly dry so cleaning items never stain your titles.

Also remember to keep your books in airy places and out of direct sunlight.

Photos for creative models

There are numerous creative ways to organize books, which will leave your environment with an intellectual air and a very attractive design. From invisible shelves and round shelves as well as vertical drawers to make it easier for you, there is no shortage of options for you to use your creativity and enjoy a beautiful and multipurpose space.

The revolving shelves are great decorative options, which can also come in a version with an attached bed (Photo: Disclosure)

Check below some creative library photos to be made at home and organize your books differently🇧🇷

Elegance and discretion

The invisible shelves are ideal for those who prefer discretion and elegance in the environment (Photo: Disclosure)

saving space

Protect your items from dust with vertical book drawers (Photo: Disclosure)

Use the space below the stairs to store your titles (Photo: Handout)

Differentiated designs

Alternative bookcase in the shape of a tree (Photo: Disclosure)

This bridge version of a shelf for books is ideal for children’s rooms (Photo: Disclosure)

Comfort to the exact measure

Special armchair for those who want more culture without having to leave the place (Photo: Disclosure)

This bookcase promotes both the storage of books and a comfortable space with light for you to read (Photo: Disclosure)

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