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Orbelín Pineda talks about his future and does not ensure his continuity in Greece: “I don’t know what will happen”

Orbelín Pineda player from Mexico and AEK Athens.

Photo: Eloisa Sanchez / Imago7

Mexican soccer player Orbelin Pineda who is experiencing a great moment of form with AEK Athens, spoke about his future and left the possibility of continuing in Greece in the air. “El Maguito” stressed that he has a few months left in Hellenic football and then we will see what the future holds for him at a professional level.

The statements were made in an exclusive interview for TUDNHe also explained that he will give the best of himself and do his best to meet the team’s goals. “There are many possible perspectives, it is a subject that I have discussed a lot with my agent. I have a few months left, I don’t know what will happen“Said the former Cruz Azul soccer player.

Orbelin Pineda He arrived at AEK after being dismissed from Celta de Vigo and was a special request from Matías Almeyda, since then he has established himself in the team and is one of the key pieces of the 11 starting squad. Between goals and good performances, “El Maguito” is currently one of the Mexican soccer players with the best presence on European soil.

It should be noted that AEK is in the second box of the Greek tournamentfour points behind Panathinaikos, the team that occupies the top of the standings.

I am going to give the best of Orbelín, as I have always tried to do and continue enjoying it. “After all, it’s a few months away. I must take advantage of it, if I will continue or not we will not know, but I hope to leave a good mark on the club“, he pointed out.

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