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Orange Economy is no more! Petro Government Announced • ENTER.CO

The Orange Economy program, one of the banners of outgoing President Iván Duque, will no longer continue in the Government of President Gustavo Petro. This was announced by Carolina Corcho, designated Minister of Health and one of the members of the joint team.

As part of the explanations that were given, it is not well understood what the concept of the Orange Economy is about. Although he clarified that “any type of entrepreneurship in the cultural, creative or innovation industry requires the democratization of the conditions to create value,” said Daniel Rojas, one of the three coordinators of the joint team. The Government of Iván Duque during his four years of administration dedicated himself to promoting the Orange Economy. He explained it as “a development model in which cultural diversity and creativity are pillars of social and economic transformation of the country, from the regions.” This model is based on promoting entrepreneurship in areas such as arts and culture. Including innovation in digital media and content software.

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Report available on the Internet

As a novelty in relation to the final report of the joint between the two administrations, within the framework of the same press conference it was announced that it will be available on the Internet. The purpose of making this report freely available is so that citizens can consult it and access aspects such as budgets, contracts and frequently asked questions. One of the points raised by Daniel Rojas is the one that has to do with the country’s fiscal situation. As he said, “it’s a concern.” The debt and fiscal deficit left by the outgoing government is large, which is why he assured that the tax reform becomes a priority for the incoming government.

Image: Libby Penner on Unsplash

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