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Optimization algorithm gave Toyota 77% better click to conversion

Display ads are a common way of trying to get the consumer’s attention, but in reality, the majority of them are not seen. To increase the chance of attention for its new hybrid electric car models, Toyota therefore turned to the marketing network The&Partnership, Group M’s Xaxis and WPP’s Acceleration which, together with Tobii, created an algorithm for the optimization of increased attention – a bet that resulted in an increase in click to conversion by 77 percent.

Tobii supplied data from its eye tracking panel, including data on which placements have historically received high attention. The data was then divided into several different dimensions such as day of the week, time of day and ad size. The&Partnership, Xaxis, and Acceleration then used this data to build a custom algorithm that optimized bidding based on the likelihood that the impression would gain attention.
The algorithm was tested in a display campaign during the period August-September 2022. The result showed a 77 percent increase in click-to-conversion and a 23 percent increase in the conversion rate.

– We are very impressed by the results achieved with the algorithm and with hindsight it is not a difficult choice for us to continue using it. We appreciate that The&Partnership, Xaxis and Acceleration are one step ahead and find new ways to maximize the results of our media investments, says Jan Casserlöv, Marketing & CEX Manager at Toyota.

The investment was based on an earlier very successful campaign where Toyota wanted to increase awareness of how far the car model RAV4 can travel on electricity. The results from the campaign, which was carried out in the spring of 2022, showed a 64 percent increase in ad recall, 60 percent more purchase propensity and 23 percent higher perception of what was shown in the campaign compared to the group not exposed to the increased attention algorithm. Based on this, Toyota decided to increase the investment in its upcoming campaign to drive more conversions

– Viewability is a good start, but what we really care about is that the user actually looks at the ad. In the past, we have not been able to measure attention, which is why viewability has been the best possible thing to optimize towards. Thanks to the collaboration with Tobii together with our investments in technology, we can now shift the focus to attention and become even more surgical in our purchases, says Elias Bjerkeryd, Nordic Product Manager at Xaxis.

– Using eye tracking data to understand attention is becoming increasingly popular in the advertising industry. Measuring points of view is an important part of the process of activation, optimization and evaluation to understand target groups and we will most likely see it as an integral part of every campaign in the future, says Emelie Löfdahl, Director Attention Data at Tobii.

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