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Opera releases the first snapshot of Opera 12

Eight days have passed since the release of Opera 11.50, called Swordfish. In that time, the new version of the browser was downloaded more than 32 million times. While that pales in comparison to the download rates of Firefox and Google Chrome, it’s still an amazing feat for a web browser that’s neglected by most of the print and online press. Opera 11.50 was actually the most successful version of Opera ever, as Oleg points out on the Opera Desktop Team blog.

The developers, always good for a surprise, managed to create a first snapshot of Opera 12 about a week after the last stable version of Opera.

Interested web users and developers can download the latest snapshot directly from the Opera website. Oleg points out that Opera considers this to be a pre-alpha version, which means it shouldn’t update yet. Fortunately, it is very easy to install a second version of Opera on the computer system.

Simply click Options on the first installation page and select a different installation path to install Opera 12 to a different directory on your system.

operates 12 next

You can switch to a stand-alone installation after you have changed the installation path.


The release includes “important bug fixes2 and some improvements.”

opera 12 screenshot

You won’t find any new features in this initial release, but Opera seems to already be working on new features that will be included in future snapshots of the new browser.

Interested users can take a look at the changelog details on the Opera desktop blog. Fixes include some crash and crash issues, as well as other bugs and unwanted behavior.

Downloads are also offered directly on the blog, as is customary for all supported operating systems.

It’s good to see that Opera has significantly upped its game in recent years. It seems that the company does not stop working on new versions of browsers. Especially the communication with the public is excellent, something that both Mozilla and Chrome lack badly, especially when it comes to snapshot releases (yes, Mozilla publishes information, but I never understood where and when the news was published and when not).

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