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OnlyFans owner earns almost a million dollars a day

Almost a million dollars a day. This is the dividend figure that the owner of OnlyFans obtains for the content that is marketed on this platform for adults.

The company, OnlyFans Ltd. said that it paid the franchise owner a figure of 517 million dollars in dividends since the end of 2020. This as a result of the great boom that this platform had in the framework of the global pandemic, with the influx of users and creators of adult content.

OnlyFans’ earnings were estimated at around $433 million, before taxes, as of November 30 last year. This is a figure 7 times higher than in 2020, the company revealed in its annual report. Leonid Radvinsky, who is the sole owner of the company, received 284 million dollars in dividends for the period 2021 and an additional 233 million dollars in 2022 until the end of August. This would be almost a million dollars a day that he made in profit.

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The company OnlyFans, which was created in 2016, is based in London and consists of a content subscription portal directly to followers. From these subscriptions, the company makes a 20% profit. OnlyFans hosts a lot of content, but is globally known for its adult content. Last year he said that this type of content would be removed, but he retracted this announcement only a week later.

This platform currently has around 2.1 million registered content creators. In addition, it has some 188 million users who pay at least one subscription. Content creators keep 80% of the revenue. It is important to know that OnlyFans requires that the person interested in registering be over 18 years of age, and unlike other adult content platforms, the product is left to the person who produces it.

According to the annual report, OnlyFans doubled the number of subscribers and increased the number of creators by more than a third. This caused revenue to grow to $932 million. For this year, the platform plans to invest in aspects such as cyber security, content moderation and promotion of a new OFTV video transmission service.

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