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Only those enrolled in CadÚnico will receive the Brazil Aid

Find out here about Auxílio Brasil, a social financial assistance program that, starting in November, will replace Bolsa Família. However, in order to access Auxílio Brasil, beneficiaries will need to be registered with CadÚnico or have their data updated. Low-income informal workers will have access.

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What is Brazil Aid?

Auxílio Brasil is a social financial assistance program created by the Federal Government which, as of November, will replace the Bolsa Familia??

If you are a beneficiary of Bolsa Família and need it, but don’t know how to join the Auxílio Brasil, understand how to register for the program.

How to join the Brazil Aid?

In order for you to join Auxílio Brasil and have guaranteed access to its benefits, you need to be registered and have updated data in the Single Registry (CadÚnico). In addition to Bolsa Família beneficiaries, Auxílio Brasil is aimed at low-income people who perform some type of informal service.

Source/Reproduction: gov.br

Both the registration in CadÚnico and the updating of the benefit applicant’s data is the main requirement given by the Federal Government that around 16 million Brazilians can enroll in the Auxílio Brasil. If you do not meet the necessary system requirements, you will not be guaranteed access to the program benefit.

How do I sign up for the Single Registry?

If you meet the necessary requirements to enroll in CadÚnico, you must go to the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) in your region with your documentation and that of your family members to make the presentation to the body responsible and, thus, register in the Single Registry.

How to update CadÚnico data?

To update your CadÚnico data, you must attend the Reference Center for Social Assistance (CRAS) in your region with your documentation and that of your family members to present it to the responsible body and thus update the Single Registry data.

It is worth remembering that the data of the Cadastro Único must be updated within a period of 2 years. In other words, keep your CadÚnico data updated every two years so as not to run the risk of losing your right to access Bolsa Família benefits, which in the future will be replaced by Auxílio Brasil.

A presentation was made on what the Brazil Aid is and what needs to be done to join the Federal Government’s new social financial assistance program, which will come into effect as of November.

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