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Only 37.9% of Colombian households have a computer • ENTER.CO

Having a computer at home is almost normal. But according to the results of the Survey of Information and Communication Technologies in households (ENTIC Hogares) in Colombia, only 37.9% of households have one.

This survey carried out by DANE shows that in 2021 few households in the entire country had a computer. In particular, the municipal and urban capitals are the ones that obtained the best results. Which means that in rural areas the proportion is much lower. The populated centers and scattered rural, the proportion was 9.7%. In this way, it can be inferred that there are still many technological gaps to collapse in Colombia. If analyzed according to the type of device available at home, the laptop continues to dominate, above the desktop and tablets, with a 27.5% preference at the national level. In the municipal capitals the preference was 33.7%, while in the populated and scattered rural centers it was 6.8%. A striking fact is that by 2021, more than 89.5% of households had a television at home.

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Regarding internet access, the result of this survey shows that last year 60.5% of households had an internet connection. In the municipal capitals the proportion is 70.0% and in populated and rural centers only 28.8% of households had this connection. Bogotá had the best result in this area, with 81.5% of households connected, while Vichada had the worst result with only 4.6% household internet connection. Regarding the type of connection, the majority of Colombians (78.8%) have a fixed Internet connection. Regarding the quality of the connection, 68.4% consider that the connection is good. However, 46.2% of households in populated and rural centers rated their Internet connection as “Bad”.

Image: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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