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Online series and movies about autism in adults

Do you know “autism” and the Asperger’s syndromeyes, there are currently countless people with this condition, and fortunately today they are represented in films and series, being intelligently placed as captivating characters, so that lay people in the subject understand more about this condition.

He wants to see which are the “greatest series and movies to understand more about autism”. See these that we separated and that you certainly need to watch:

Illustrative picture drawing “Pablo”, which addresses the subject TEA and inclusion?? Illustration: Google

Check out the list of some series and movies available online, so you can learn more about autism in adults.

ASD, autism spectrum disorder, affects more than 2 million people in Brazil, and even so there is still an extreme lack of information related to the topic.

And films and series demystify this subject a lot, often showing the conditions of an autistic person, both in behavior, speech and nuances of this complex condition, of the atypical ones.

In addition to more films, they also show personality traits that make people identify if there is a family member with the condition and thus make it easier to seek medical help.

Below, follow which films and series are great educators, so that you understand more about the spectrum:

The Good Doctor

Shaun Murphy on the Serie good doctor is a newly trained surgeon diagnosed with ASD/ savant syndrome?? throughout the series that has 5 seasonsthe skills of the young doctor who has a brilliant mind but faces other daily difficulties due to his illness are explored, one of which is communication and interaction in the social environment.

The series has a very cool script that addresses the character’s trajectory and all of his biggest challenges, dealing with both his illness and the challenges of his profession. Available on Globoplay.

The Good Doctor, illustration: Google


One of the most famous series around autism, Atypical is a good option to watch with the whole family, as it is also a very familiar series in its context.

The story shows the life of Sam, a young autistic boy who has a hyper focus on penguins, his favorite subject. The unfolding of the plot shows when the world of the family turns upside down, after Sam decides to find a girlfriend, and beyond, of course, all the news that this will end up generating, both for Sam and for his parents.

This series addresses TEA in a simple, easy-to-understand way, and is a guide to understanding how an autistic person works, both cognitively and in social interactions and relationships. The series has 4 seasons, divided from 2017 to 2021, and you can find it on streaming Netflix.

Sam, a character fascinated by penguins from the Atypical series. Illustrative image: Google

all i want

This feature film has as main character the actress Dakota Fanning interpreting the character Wendy, a young adult, who has ASD and has an exquisite writing ability.

Throughout the journey of the film, the girl runs away with her dog to show her strength and independence, and enters a large script contest aimed at a science fiction series.

The film’s trajectory also reinforces the importance of people’s support, friendships and much more important information about people who have ASD.

This feature is still available both on Amazon Prime Video and also on Apple TV. In addition to being able to watch it on Youtube, totally free and with subtitles.

Dakota Fanning in All I Want Illustrative image: Google.

Forrest Gump

This film is, in addition to being a classic, a great and exciting work starring Tom Hanks, winner of 6 Oscars (best movie).

The story revolves around the character of Tom Hanks, forrestwho is a special boy much loved by his mother, and throughout the film his exciting trajectory, achievements, conflicts, difficulties and challenges between the years of 1960 to 1970.

A special work that you will love to watch every minute, available on Netflix.

Scenes from the movie, Forrest Gump. Illustration: Google

the accountant

A film starring ben affleck as the protagonist, it tells the story of a brilliant man in the accounting of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world, however he has skills at a social level that are completely maladjusted. Available to buy or rent on Youtube.

Scenes from the movie “The Accountant”. Image: Google

lively life

An emotional and beautiful documentary telling the story of an artist, who was immersed in his world of isolation and solitude, however changes when he starts to get involved with Disney animations.

Documentary footage, animated life. Illustration: Google

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