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Online Personal Loan Simulation

The online personal loan is an excellent alternative for those who need extra money. Whether it’s to renovate, travel, pay bills, buy a new car or anything else, this type of credit can help a lot. And one of the companies that has the most online personal loans is Creditas.

On the official website of Creditas, you can find out about the various credit options offered by fintech and also request one. This text presents the advantages of opting for the lines of credit offered by Creditas, in addition to what the online personal loan is and how it works. Continue reading and learn more.

What this article covers:

What is Personal Loan?

The personal loan is a credit that can be granted to individuals, that is, it is directed to individuals and not to companies. In general, it is simple to get this type of loan, you just need to be of legal age and have the application approved by the financial institution.

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This line of credit may have different characteristics and contracting and payment conditions that vary from company to company. Even so, the basic premise is that it works by lending money to individuals. In this context, there is also the online personal loan, which has some particularities.

How does the Online Personal Loan work?

The online personal loan is the way to borrow money for individuals through a virtual request, that is, over the internet. In this type of loan, the entire process takes place online, from the application, the credit analysis and the actual contracting of the money. It is possible to do everything without having to go to an agency in person.

Advantages of Credit Personal Loan

The online personal loan offered by Creditas has some advantages. The company, for example, relies on the use of technologies and language accessible to the public and its digital platform has modern resources. In addition, it is present on social networks, which improves the connection with customers.

Advantages of Credit Personal Loan

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Fintech is also very safe and has registration, next to the central bank, as a Direct Credit Company and as a banking correspondent. The company also has good solidity in the market and has a lot of confidence. In 2020, Creditas was recognized internationally after being considered a “fintech unicorn”.

How to simulate Personal Loan Credits Online?

To simulate a Creditas personal loan online, just go to the company’s official page and select “Simulate your credit”. Thus, it is possible to better understand the terms of payment of the credit and the other details of the contract. On the website, it is possible to simulate three types of loan: with vehicle guarantee, with property guarantee and payroll.

Car loan simulation

In this modality, it is possible to use a car as collateral for the loan. In this way, interest rates are lower, starting at 1.49% per month. The credit granted here can range from R$5,000 to R$150,000.

Loan simulation with collateral

It is also possible to use the apartment or house as collateral for the Creditas loan. This also makes interest rates more interesting than other options on the market. In this modality, the company offers from R$ 50,000 to R$ 3,000,000.

Payroll Loan Simulation

Creditas’ payroll loan works with the portion deducted from the customer’s payroll. To obtain this type of credit, it is necessary to work with a formal contract at a Creditas partner company. Here, it is possible to borrow from BRL 300 to BRL 70,000.

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