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ONLINE NEWSLETTER RO | Consult Online Bulletin

RO Online Newsletter provides more information on quality for education, seeking to increase the quality of educational service, especially in the case of students in the public school system.

Continue reading to understand how you or someone responsible can enter the site and use the system and check the online bulletin!

What this article covers:

RO Online Bulletin – Seduc Rondônia

Keep in mind that all public school students have the right to access information about their school education. In order to improve the quality and speed of information, the secretary of education of the state of Rondônia launched a platform that would make it possible to improve the educational service.

By accessing it, it is possible to enroll, re-enroll, check grades, check whether absences have been paid, among so many other necessary information that can be accessed from anywhere, just having the data and internet.

It is worth mentioning that the person who enters the data is the Information Technology Management or GTI, where this is the project of the secretary of education.

Pre-registration SEDUC RO

Know that only public school students will have access to the system and for that it is necessary to pre-register before accessing the system. Check how to do it:

  • Access the website by link
  • Choose the Pre-registration option;
  • Next, enter the student’s full name and email;
  • Click Send Confirmation Email;

In the e-mail inbox, the student can verify that he has a link and he must click on this link to continue the registration. Fill in all data and choose a password for future access.

How to check RO Online Bulletin

As already mentioned, to access it, you need to register in the system. After this step, you can access the online bulletin. If the student or person responsible for the period wants to check the grades, just follow the step by step and check the grades:

  • Access the student portal website by the link
  • Rondonia Online Newsletter
  • In the Student Portal field, you must inform the responsible person’s CPF;
  • Enter the registered password;
  • Click Authenticate;

When the page opens, you must enter the system and check the grades by clicking on Online Bulletin, and thus see the grades of each evaluation that appears in the system. Within the page you can also see the school attendance and the number of absences that the student has and if they were paid with the delivery of justifications.

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