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One year since the war in Ukraine broke out – this is the situation in the war-torn country

Today is exactly one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. Even today, Ukraine is fighting for its independence – a struggle that journalists Anders Kraft and Jenny Strömstedt tell about After five.

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Anders Kraft and Jenny Strömstedt are two of the journalists who have been to Ukraine and seen how the country has handled Russia’s invasion, which began on February 24, 2022. In After five they tell us about their impressions from the war-torn country.

“Scenes similar to World War I”

Anders Kraft thinks that the world has changed – at least the way we see the world – during the year that the war has been going on in Ukraine.

“What we have experienced is a hundred-mile-long front line against Russia where Ukraine is resisting. We have dispatchers reporting horrific scenes similar to the First World War.”

He continues: “Here in Kiev – the capital – it’s a bit calmer. We hear airplane alarms and there is a curfew at night. Here, people manifest their freedom more in protest against Russia by trying to live as normally as possible.

“A story of struggle and loss”

Jenny Strömstedt says that she and her team have met the people who have had the opportunity to continue their everyday lives by going to work and school – but also the volunteer workers who have helped others who have not fared as well.

“We have met people who have lost everything – jobs, homes, and who are on the run,” she says. “We have met people who for a year have lived in a war of attack that no one thought would last this long.”

Strömstedt testifies that all those she has met carry “a history of struggle and loss”. At the same time, there are some glimmers of light:

“Many express that they feel that the outside world is with Ukraine. Not least President Biden’s visit this week has instilled courage in many Ukrainians, so that they can endure a little more.”

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