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One year of the war in Ukraine: 5 documentaries and series to understand the war


In recent days the year between the armed conflict involving Russia and Ukraine was completed. Here we leave you five documentaries and series to understand what is happening.

This war, far from seeking an end, seems to last longer than any expert could predict.

During these 12 months, some audiovisual works have tried to explain the reasons for this Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory.

The actor and director Sean Penn, has just presented “Superpower” which pays homage to the Ukrainian resistance.

The tribute is also paid to the president of that nation, Volodímir Zelenski. Meanwhile, Matt Damon announced that he is thinking of shooting an ambitious project about the conflict.

Ana Pastor is in the Ukrainian capital of kyiv to do “El objetivo” for the Sixth.

Most of these audiovisual works are documentary in nature and there is also a fictional miniseries with many hints of reality.

The protagonist of this series is a mother looking for her son, who is imprisoned in the Donbass region of Ukraine. And for this week there are several free premieres.


Here you can see a bit of fiction, the free European cultural streaming platform includes four chapters in its catalog.

Although it was filmed in 2021, it reflects very well what thousands of mothers affected by the war could be experiencing today.

On her birthday, Nina, a nurse at a hospital in Ukraine, finds out that her son, who is volunteering to defend his country, has been imprisoned in Donbas.

“The Lost Boys of Ukraine”

This is a documentary from the EBU Investigative Journalism Network, focusing on the disappearance of Ukrainian children from war-torn territories.


The work shows its stories of resilience and rebellion and how citizens have become ‘civilian soldiers’using their own ‘weapons’ to deal with the invaders.

Spring in Mariupol, a documentary in which the Italian journalist Maurizio Vezzos gives voice to the desperate testimonies of those who live and “Ukraine: A Pediatrician’s War Diary” closes these recommendations.

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