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One year after the death of Vicente Fernández, “El Potrillo” reveals how he faced his father’s departure

One year after the death of the Mexican music icon, Vicente Fernandezyour son Alexander He opened his heart to reveal how he has managed to overcome his father’s departure, where he confesses that it is not easy and he continues to go through difficult times.

“The Charro of Huentitan” lost his life on December 12, 2021 as a result of multi-organ failure in which the hematological, cardiovascular, renal and pulmonary systems collapsed after spending four months in the intensive care area of ​​a hospital in his native Guadalajara, Jalisco, due to a fall he suffered in the ranch Los 3 Potrillos.

Since then, the controversy has surrounded his family and there are few occasions on which his children, wife and grandchildren have spoken about it. However, a year after his departure, “El Potrillo” gave an interview for Teleshow, where he shared the difficult moments he went through after the painful death of his father.

“I think you get used to it. You’re not going to get over it, I think It’s something you get used to living with. At first, what happens is that you miss the person, you physically miss that person. You realize that you will never see him again, that he will never be in your life again. And suddenly, well, it’s hard to have to accept that such an important person will no longer be in your life,” explained the singer.

And although all this time it has been like a kind of “roller coaster of feelings”, he has come to think that he finally got over it, but, he confesses, “some memories come back that give you some downturns”.

Alejandro Fernández explains that it was not easy, but reliving the beautiful things that happened with the family and with his fans is what helps him get over it.

“It is difficult, but with the passage of time you realize that, well, you get over death and you only have beautiful things, the incredible memories, his trajectorythe personal moments. What we live as father and son is the most difficult. Because, good or bad, I know that he left as a great artist and a great singer for Mexico and many places that idolized him, such as Colombia, Venezuela, Central America. Many places…Chile. Mexico is not said. In United States. In Spain, ”he pointed out.

Spending these first 12 months without his father’s presence is painful, but he is aware that he will always live in his mind and mainly in his heart.

“But there it will always be. It will always have its place in everyone’s heart. The memory will continue, as will his music and his legacy.“, revealed.

In addition, Alejandro Fernández regrets that his father did not experience important events for his family, in which he was undoubtedly greatly missed.

“Also, there were many moments, many things that happened that he couldn’t see. For example, Mia’s birth, Alex’s wedding, Camila’s wedding. There were many things that, unfortunately, when we were organizing them we thought we would have it. Y, when he was not there, it was very necessary“, he highlights.

This December 12, Mrs. Refugio Abarca, Vincent Fernandez Jr., Gerardo Y Alexander Fernandez They met at the place where the singer’s remains rest to pay tribute to him, images that were shared through social networks.

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