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One Punch Man will have a live action movie • ENTER.CO

Well… it was a matter of time. Hollywood has set its sights on One Punch Man and according to a report it already has a director signed for a Live Action-type adaptation. Unfortunately, the name in charge of the project does not arouse much confidence. This is Justin Lin, best known for his work on the Fast and Furious franchise.

Unfortunately, the rest of Deadline’s report doesn’t spark much confidence in the project. Also on the committee in charge of adapting One’s story are One Punch Man writers Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner, best known for being the writers of Venom. In short… it is better that you pray because the adaptation will be much better than the names associated with the project anticipate.

For clarity, the One Punch Man adaptation news is not new. In 2020 we received the first news about the live action. If you want to make your mood about the film worse, you should know that the production company behind the project is Sony (that’s right, the studio that made Morbius… and then brought it back to the billboard for a meme).

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Considering the linked names, it is almost certain that the idea is to adapt the project and make a more ‘western’ version of the story. It is also difficult to understand how this unique story is planned to be transformed into an interesting product for the big screen. The premise of a hero capable of defeating any enemy seems difficult to execute in anime… and we have the worst of it imagining what ideas the studio may have.

If we can trust Deadline’s report, the idea is to start production on the film later this year. If so, we should have updates in the coming months on his cast picks or even where his final home will be. In any case, Hollywood doesn’t have the best track record of adapting anime stories. We don’t expect One Punch Man to be the story that breaks this tradition… but if One’s manga taught us anything, it’s not to judge a book prematurely by its appearance.

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