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One Punch Man receives a third season and a new animation studio • ENTER.CO

Apparently One Punch Man’s fists are so strong, he needs a new animation studio with each season.

This week it was announced that the story of One, the pseudonym of the manga’s author, will have a third season. The announcement was accompanied by a poster that shows us Saitama and Garou, giving us a better idea of ​​how far the new manga adaptation will cover.

One Punch Man

As of now, no details have been released about which staff members will be returning (besides Chikashi Kubota who was in charge of character designs for the first two seasons and returned for the aforementioned teaser poster). There is also no confirmation of which studio will be in charge of the season, but sources who anticipated the announcement assure that season 3 will be in charge again of another animation house.

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This is important, because if true, it would mean that fans should once again prepare for another style change in the new adaptation of One Punch Man. The first season of the show was animated by Madhouse and was mainly noted for its high-quality animation. However, the second season was in charge of JCStaff who modified the style of the characters, fights and never really reached the bar that his predecessor had left.

The third season of One Punch Man for now does not have a release date.

Next, we will give spoilers for One Punch Man.

The next batch of anime chapters will surely take care of adapting the arc of the Association of monsters, vs the association of heroes. Without going into too much detail, this new arc is characterized by showing the S-class heroes facing off against the most powerful monsters in the association. It’s also the resolution of the Garou arc… as well as the debut of a certain character that has been mentioned here and there (we leave the rest to his imagination).

The first two seasons of One Punch Man are available on Crunchyroll.

Images: Crunchyroll

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