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one of the biggest Christmas markets in Europe is right next door

vigo It is the largest city in Galicia and has a unique wealth that, every year, leads many Portuguese to visit this place of rare beauty. The extraordinary landscape is part of the unique charm of this city.

But, in addition to the natural beauty, there is the excellent climate, light, temperature and local cuisine. It is also a place full of culture, traditions and art. And the Christmas market is unavoidable, as it is one of the largest in Europe of its kind. You cannot miss a short trip to Galicia.

Vigo: a city full of Christmas spirit

Vigo’s Christmas market is a magical place where trees, snowmen and storybooks were illuminated giants that made everyone smile when they saw them.

Children can play on the water slide christmas cityride on royal camel or have fun at Ferris wheel?? In addition, they can also knock on the door of the Santa Claus and tell personally how they behaved throughout the year.

Every day, at half past six in the afternoon (Spanish time), a secret button lights the Christmas lights and ornaments of the city, so that everyone can walk around at night and take pictures, surrounded by music and colors.

Those who are a little more tired or in a hurry can opt for the christmas train which, when night falls, runs through the city so that its passengers can enjoy the Christmas lights quickly and comfortably.

Ice rink and… New Year’s Eve

For groups of friends who love to have fun this season, there are fantastic ice rinksprelude to a visit to the shops and markets to buy gifts or to help the Elves with their Christmas requests…

But as the party is supposed to last until the dawn of 2023, on New Year’s Eve in Vigo people gather at Plaza de América to eat 12 grapes to the sound of the bells. Those with a sweet tooth will not go to sleep without having a traditional breakfast chocolate with churros??

The Christmas market attracts thousands of people every year

This charming seaside town in Galicia is a true treasure. In the heart of the Vigo estuary there are absolutely memorable beaches. At the mouth of the estuary are the stunning Cíes Islands.

One of the most impressive destinations for those who love to enjoy the best that Nature has to offer. The nightlife is certainly another of the countless reasons that lead many tourists to visit this city.

A well kept treasure

The “Islands of the Gods”, as the Romans called them, are the greatest treasure in the Vigo estuary. The Cíes Islands provide an absolutely enchanting experience of enjoying nature. Monte Agudo, Faro and San Martiño are the names of the three islands that make up the Cíes archipelago.

Absolutely not to be missed

Art lovers cannot miss the opportunity to see contemporary art at MARCO. In the city center, you can also visit the Casa das Artes. The talent of the sculptor Francisco Leiro is clearly present in one of the most emblematic sculptures in the city, the Nadador, which is found on the bank of the Ria de Vigo and is a beautiful tribute from the sculptor to the swimmers.

The historic center of Vigo is, of course, the heart of the city. This ancient area has a charisma of its own. It is popularly known as Casco Vello. Its alleys and streets are of a very particular beauty, where the Church of Santa Maria, the Praça or Praça da Pescadería stand out.

Also simply unmissable is crossing the Rande Bridge by car and allowing yourself to be enchanted by the stunning landscape of the Cíes Islands, the immensity of the estuary and the island of San Simón.

This bridge, which has a daily circulation of 50,000 vehicles, has a sui generishaving been opened to traffic in 1981.

Street of Baskets in Vigo
Handicrafts for sale in the historic center of Vigo

What to do

The city of Vigo is also great for all those who love tourism without sacrificing its sportier side. In addition to being able to perform various aquatic sports in the beautiful waters of the beaches in the region, namely surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing or others, there is much more that you can do here.

There are numerous forest parks where you can indulge in the practice of trekking and take bike rides. In addition to staying active, you can also contemplate the stunning landscape over the estuary. The city hills provide breathtaking views…

What to eat

Vigo’s gastronomy is a success, as it brings together the tradition of Galician cuisine, with the diversity and exceptional product available in the local port. In the city, you can immerse yourself in a sea of ​​unique flavors. The local gastronomy puts on the table the best that the sea has to offer.

One of the mandatory options is to enjoy the best seafood in the estuary, not least because the city offers this beautiful product at good prices. Crayfish, prawns, crabs, spider crab, fish, octopus, oysters, mussels are among the excellent products found in many of the local restaurants.

Now, being in Spain, there is still room for tapas. The local gastronomy is so fabulous that there is no shortage of gastronomic festivals in Vigo. In them you can find Galician products and typical dishes such as octopus at the fair.

Seafood in Vigo
Vigo is an area where seafood is of high quality and affordable.

night fun

Vigo is a city with a very attractive nightlife, enticing many foreigners to live a memorable experience. This city that never sleeps is the capital of nightlife in Galicia. Fun is guaranteed, with programs for all tastes, for all ages and for all budgets…

Vigo’s most nocturnal secrets are so many that they take time to unravel. This city has numerous nightclubs where you can show off your dancing skills. There are also spaces where you can enjoy a good concert. There are also places where you can go with family and friends and simply socialize in a relaxed way.

There are still places indiestylish cocktail houses and bars gay-friendlymaking it a city that appeals to everyone.

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