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One by one the most important facts of the failed purchase of Twitter • ENTER.CO

Now that it was known that Elon Musk gave up the purchase of Twitter, here we share a chronology of the most important events that marked this entire process, since the tycoon began to express his interest in the social network.

The offer was made by the billionaire through a letter he sent to the president of Twitter, Bret Taylor, as well as to the board of directors. In it, Musk assures that he believes that the best course for the social network is to be managed privately.

Musk himself made the announcement of the purchase in a statement in which he said that “I want to make Twitter better than ever by improving the product with new features.” Estimates for the purchase were estimated at 44 billion dollars.

There were many rumors of what Musk planned with Twitter. One of the goals was to maintain ownership of the social network for about three years and then put the shares back on the stock market.

After several weeks of expectations. Elon Musk surprised by announcing the temporary suspension of the purchase agreement. This announcement had an impact on the price of Tesla shares on the Stock Exchange.

A small group of Twitter shareholders filed a lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco against Musk for taking actions that affected the value of the social network’s shares.

The term given to the company and Elon Musk to present a report to the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice in which the will to purchase the social network is expressed.

The tycoon issued an ultimatum to the directors of Twitter. If they didn’t share the real data on the number of bots and fake accounts, he would withdraw the buyout offer for $44 million. An official response from Twitter was not immediately known.

Given Elon Musk’s doubts about the real number of users of the social network, the company’s spokesmen continued to listen to the tycoon’s comments and maintain the original conditions of the purchase agreement.

As reported by The Washington Post, once again Elon Musk’s purchase of the Twitter social network is in danger due to the same problem as always: bot accounts. Musk apparently concluded that there is no way to check the number of spam accounts on the social network.

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