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On the beach and on her knees, Sara Corrales shows off her rear guard wearing a tight black swimsuit

Sarah Corrales gain more followers every day instagramand now she decided to please them with a photograph that shows her on the beach, posing on her knees and wearing a tight black bathing suit with which she showed off her rear to the fullest.

The beautiful 36-year-old Colombian actress does not miss an opportunity to go to the gym and do her exercise routines, sharing videos on that social network. She posed very sexy wearing patterned leggings and showing off her reddish hair with the following text as a complement: “If we were aware that everything we are experiencing is part of our learning, we would learn to enjoy everything in life more, to bless, to to love, to let go, and to THANK YOU!” 🧡🧡🧡

Sara loves to drink selfies and post them on instagram along with a recount of what she did in the week, showing off her figure both in outfits sporty as in other more formal ones, like one made up of vinyl pants and a black top. The message she wrote was: “This is me in some of my facets. 😃. I love showing myself as I am, real, smiling, sometimes very elegant, other times tender and homely, at times very spiritual, at others very ballerina, in short, that is the beauty of life, living all your nuances to the full, vibrating with every thing you do”.

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