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On board a yacht Camila Sodi shows off her curves in a sexy monokini

Camila Sodi he is on vacation and, as is his custom, he does not reveal the place to which he traveled. But that hasn’t stopped him from sharing on his account instagram photographs in which her statuesque figure shines, such as ones that show her on board a yacht and wearing a two-color monokini. One of the messages she wrote was: “Enjoying life. Here I was in a navy tuxedo because it was New Years!”

In other images, the beautiful Mexican actress enjoyed the sun’s rays and showed off one of her tattoos, as well as being impressed when she saw a whale. The more than two million followers of her on that social network were pleasantly pleased.

Camila (who stars in three series that will be released this year) really likes to practice Pilates to stay in shape, but she is also a big fan of yoga. A few days ago she got more than 337,000 likes for some photos in which she appears upside down, assuming a pose with which she showed her flexibility and also her curves, while wearing a red micro-bikini.

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