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Omar Chaparro abandons his career as a comedian to establish himself as an actor and singer

After 26 years of focusing on comedy, Omar Rafael Chaparro Alvídrez, artistically better known as Omar Chaparro is convinced that the time has come to close that stage to dedicate himself full time to cinematography and music.

The television presenter assures that after having broken stone to make his way in the entertainment industry, it is time to focus solely on the projects according to his emotions.

“In 27 years, or I don’t know how much I have to dedicate myself to this, I’ve done things that I’m not proud of, that I didn’t like, I’ve had ups and downs, but all of those have me here, they’ve helped me become the person I am today.. I have paid the price,” she indicated.

In anticipation of the film’s premiere The Wingwalkerwhere he worked under the direction of Alonso Álvarez, the actor from Chihuahua acknowledges thatbeing his best work on the big screen so far, decided to put comedy aside.

In the film, Omar Chaparro plays a young widower who, after being deported from the United States, has to find a way to return to the United States to raise his daughter, since she is scheduled to undergo a heart transplant.

Said role, among other things, involved the actor gaining about 14 kilos to literally transform himself physically and mentally, a very enriching experience that influenced his decision to abandon his facet as a comedian.

It should be noted that in addition to focusing on the cinema, Chaparro plans to exploit his facet as a singer and composer.

In fact, A month ago he already presented a single titled You Only Youa theme of the pop genre that will be part of a complete album projected to launch next year.

However, this augurs to be only the beginning of his endeavor in the music industry, as heThe presenter of series such as Who is the Mask? he claims to have written about 80 songs available to whoever decides to record them.

Under this little-exploited facet of Omar Chaparro, it will be difficult to see him square again playing funny to try to make the public laugh.

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